Booksy is a SaaS driven booking platform for the beauty industry. The company is based in Poland and has expanded into the US, the UK, Brazil and South Africa.
Booksy is a robust booking system for people looking to schedule appointments for health & beauty services consisting of two apps, Booksy Biz for businesses and Booksy for clients; designed to make scheduling appointments seamlessly. Booksy Biz allows the business owner to create a business profile and completely manage their calendar and appointment schedule. Booksy allows the client to view the business’ profile, see their availability, and book an appointment right from the app. Both apps work together in real time, so the calendar is always up-to-date. As soon as a client books an appointment, the business receives a notification and the appointment is placed on their calendar.
Vostok New Ventures invested USD 6 mln in Booksy alongside Piton Capital during the first quarter 2018.