Wuzzuf is one of the leading jobs verticals in Egypt. Its main competitor is Bayt, a regional jobs vertical centered around UAE. Wuzzuf focuses on white collar workers with English CVs. In terms of monthly jobs postings within this area it leads versus Bayt and is quickly catching up also in terms of traffic. It has as much as 27% of the market for new graduates looking for jobs in its focus area.

Interestingly also it has a second brand, Forasna, which focuses on the enormous and virtually untapped blue collar market in Egypt. Although a younger venture compared to Wuzzuf, a successful product in this area is something that has a potential far beyond the borders of Egypt and with very little competition.

Wuzzuf was founded in 2009 by Ameer Sherif, an Egyptian national, who we believe is very driven. His ability to bootstrap the company, particularly through the political events of 2011, and turn it to profitability in 2014 is a testament to his dedication.  He was previously backed by the company 500 Startups.

Company website: www.wuzzuf.net